Meeting held in Savannah to discuss early care, education for children

Featured Speaker Rep. Amy Jacobs


A meeting was held in Savannah on Wednesday to discuss early care and early education for children in the community.

WTOC attended the meeting at Woodville-Thompkins Technical and Career High School. There were a lot of concerns about the Childcare and Parent Services, or CAPS Program. It helps low-income families afford child care.

Providers really want to make sure they understand all of the new rules so they can best help families. Representative Carl Gilliard hosted the meeting. He brought in Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning Commissioner Amy Jacobs to address the crowd and answer questions. Representative Gilliard also talked about some of their biggest hurdles.

"The biggest thing is to be able to have the proper funding for those day care centers; those that are in businesses that are struggling so that we don't turn any children down," said Rep. Carl Gilliard, (D), Garden City.

After the meeting, Commissioner Jacobs and Representative Gilliard toured the Premiere Early Learning Center at Port Wentworth Elementary.